A2000 (FarCry 4)

“The A2000 is an average performer across the board, neither excelling nor faltering in any category when compared to other weapons in its class.”
— in-game handbook

“Here’s an Eastern European firearm that has managed to spread to Rook Island like a bad case of Bulgarian beet thigh. A suppressor can be slapped on these 9mm sub machineguns for discreet killing. All of Rook’s A2000s are leftovers from the Bosnian War, the island’s doing it’s part to recycle!”
— Survival Guide

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Additional information

Attachment slots



Far Cry 4

Paint Jobs

2-Tone Black, Black, Deep Jungle, Dry Lands, Fire, Jungle

Supported Attachments

Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Sound Suppressor


Submachine Guns


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