Explosives Bag (FarCry 4)

“Carry more C4 and mines with these craftable pouches. Craft the smaller pouches to unlock the larger ones.”
— in-game description

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Level Crafting Items Capacity
0 Nothing required Carry 3 C4 and 3 mines
1 2 Asian Rhino skins Carry 4 C4 and 4 mines
2 3 Snow Leopard skins Carry 5 C4 and 5 mines
3 5 Sambar skins Carry 6 C4 and 6 mines
4 Thick Skin’s hide (rare hunt) Carry 8 C4 and 8 mines

Additional information

Crafting Items

Asian Rhino Skin, Sambar Skin, Snow Leopard Skin, Thick Skin's Hide




Far Cry 4


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