F1 (FarCry 3)


“The F1 is a bullpup assault rifle from France that fires in 3-round bursts. It has above average accuracy and is ideal for those who prefer a high rate of fire over raw power.”
— in-game handbook

“The F1 is a bullpup assault rifle, which means the gun is shorter in length, allowing for greater maneuverability, and it’s from France, which means it only works when it feels like it. A local warlord hired a group of former Legionnaires to join his private army, and they brought along a dozen crates of F1s from their regiment’s arms depot.”
— Survival Guide

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Attachment slots



Far Cry 3

Supported Attachments

Extended Magazine, Optical Sight, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Sound Suppressor


Assault Rifles


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