6P9 (FarCry 4)

“This small caliber handgun is ideal for stealth when fitted with a sound suppressor. It is exceptionally accurate at close range and can be used while on a Zipline.”
— in-game handbook

“This Russian pistol first showed up in the groovy 1960s, designed by the not so groovy pinko (pardon my French) Spetsnaz. Those on Rook Island come from a batch of surplus arms sold to local pirates by a general looking to fluff up his retirement fund and his sex life. The deal included hundreds of 6P9 handguns, extra parts, ammunition and one thousand hookers… a day.”
— Survival Guide


Handgun Rounds

Attachment slots



Far Cry 4

Paint Jobs

2-Tone Yellow, Black, Dry Lands, Fire, Green, Jungle

Supported Attachments

Extended Magazine, Night Sight, Sound Suppressor



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