BZ19 (FarCry 3)


“The BZ19 has solid power and accuracy. It doesn’t have the fastest rate of fire in its class, but it does feature a large-capacity magazine capable of holding 64 rounds.”
— in-game handbook

“The BZ19 sub machinegun is what you get when you take bits of an AK-74, shorten it, and slap on a high capacity “helical” magazine. Okay, the process may be a bit more complex than that (changing the letters A and K to B and Z took a lot of careful thought), but the end result is a weapon that holds 64 rounds of 9mm ammunition.”
— Survival Guide

Attachment slots



Far Cry 3

Supported Attachments

Optical Sight, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Sound Suppressor


Submachine Guns

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