D50 (FarCry 4)

“This hand cannon gives unmatched short-range power and can be used while on a Zipline. Strong hands are needed to deal with its massive recoil.”
— in-game handbook

“Hollywood made the D50 famous, and tucked into a shipment of pirated DVDs, it’s arrived at Rook Island. When it comes to large pistols, few handguns top this monstrosity. Its massive .50AE round is more than capable of bringing down large animals, humans and even honey badgers. Nearly all D50s on Rook Island were brought here by privateers.”
— Survival Guide


Handgun Rounds

Attachment slots



Far Cry 4

Paint Jobs

2-Tone Black, Black, Chrome, Dry Lands, Fire, Jungle

Supported Attachments

Extended Magazine, Night Sight, Optical Sight, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight



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