Skorpion (FarCry 4)

“This small machine pistol rapidly fires low calibre rounds with minimal recoil. It can be also used while on a zipline.”
— in-game handbook

“The Czechs make great puppets, pornography, and this sub machinegun, which has been helping Eastern European gangsters practice the fine art of “spray and pray” since the summer of love. Most of the VZ61s found on Rook Island were purchased from a Libyan arms dealer second-hand, meaning you trade two hands, you get a gun. Don’t ask me what he does with the extra hands.”
— Survival Guide


SMG Rounds

Attachment slots



Far Cry 4

Paint Jobs

Black, Deep Jungle, Dry Lands, Fire, Jungle, Red

Supported Attachments

Extended Magazine, Sound Suppressor


Sidearms, Submachine Guns

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